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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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of life in prison, we're awaiting a verdict in chicago. we'll bring it when it becomes available. the presidential race this week about gay marriage, bullying and a hollywood bash. the president and mitt romney ready to switch gears. a woman violently attacked on the grounds of a church and school. family, friends, and thousands of fans will celebrate the life and arear of junior seau. >> good evening. >> now to the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney on the campaign trail in two key states talking about the economy. a shift from another hot-button issue that dominated both campaigns this week. steve handlesman on capitol hill with more on the historic turn of events. >> big week. hi, doreen. thanks. if you believe the white house, the obama campaign didn't plan to make this a week about gay marriage, and the republicans definitely didn't. in north carolina, mitt romney
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tried to change the subject, back to jobs. >> we're on the verge of a manufacturing resurgence in this country. jobs will come back with the right policies. >> reporter: but where romney was today kept the week's big issue out front. same-sex marriage. north carolinians voted tuesday to ban it. president obama backed it wednesday. >> same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> yesterday came the story that romney allegedly bullied a boy thought to be gay, 50 areas ago wh year ago when they were teens at this michigan boarding school. romney claims he doesn't remember. >> i did stupid things when i was in high school, and if i hurt somebody by it, i would be sorry for it and apologize for it. >> reporter: and obama cashed in on supporting gay marriage. the president was applauded when he bragged he had made news, and
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his campaign took in a record estimated $15 million. today, the president went to nevada. he took credit for a program that saving the keller family $240 a month on their mortgage and demanded republicans agree to expand it. >> i'm calling on congress to give every responsible homeowner the chance to save an average of $3,000 a year by refinancing their mortgage. >> reporter: back to dollars and cents issues. and the new "usa today"/gallup poll find by nine points, voters trust mitt room knee more than president obama to handle the economy. from capitol hill, i'm steve handlesman. financial stocks reeling after the nation's biggest bank suffered a colossal trading loss. the securities and exchange commission is looking into it. jpmorgan chase announced it lost
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$2 billion over the past six weeks. the money was in a portfolio that was supposed to manage the risks theback takes with its own money. that portfolio turned out to be more volatile than first thought. news of the $2 billion loss sparked a sell-off of financi s financials, but gains in techs helped offset the losses. the dow lost 34 points, the nasdaq closed flat, and the s & p lost 4 points. a new controversy for vincent gray. his family and staff have gotten thousands of dollars worth of sky suite ticket at the ver oinz center free of charge. tom sherwood with details. >> thank you, all, very much. let's go to work. >> reporter: when mayor gray won an election in 2010, his daughter, janece and his son carlos were right by his side and have been in his administration. his daughter serving as designated first lady for the
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mayor, whose wife is deceased. and carlos has longed work for the city and enjoy free tickets that come with being mayor to a wide variety of sports and entertainment events. as first reported by wotb radio, they and staff nebraskas have gotten thousands of tickets. the vast majority appear to have gone to constituents. but 24 tickets to lady gaga went to a former chief of staff. the mayor says he personally has used only a fraction of the tickets and there is nothing illegal about who uses them. they are a perk of the offense, and his children share tickets with others. veteran community activist sandra butler trussdale says that fairness is an issue. >> i everything should be done fairly. if there was a comment about adrien fenty doing something
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wrong, then i think vincent should know better than that. >> reporter: the ticket disclosure, some cases going to police officers and other community groups, reminded some that former mayor adrian fenty made news when he refused to share baseball tickets with council members, until that became the butt of city shocks. a federal judge in north carolina has refused to throw out campaign corruption charges against former senator john edwards. lawyers for the former presidential candidate argued the presidential candidate had violated the law. he is accused of using donations from wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress. he denies the charges. today's decision means edwards has to prevent his case before a jury. his lawyers will begin calling witnesses on monday. the man accused of trying to assassinate president obama is facing two new charges.
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oscar ortega hernandez was charged with injury to dwelling charges. ortega shot at the white house last november using an assault rifle. ortega has pleaded not guilty to those charges and is facing life in prison if convicted of the assassination attempt. a woman in fairfax county was sexually assaulted, robbed, severely beaten and it all happened behind a church and a school. pat collins joins us now with more on the search for whoever is responsible. pat. >> reporter: jim, what happened here, most disturbing, and today, a team of investigators worked the scene for more than 15 hours, looking for evidence, looking for clues, looking for two violent suspects. an unlikely crime scene, the grounds of an episcopal church and montessori school.
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behind this building, a woman sexually assaulted, robbed and beaten severely with something like a rock. they are looking for not one, but two suspects. >> the victim beaten so badly, it's hard to communicate with her. >> it has been very difficult to communicate with her, due to the nature of her injuries. >> reporter: it happened around 1:00 in the morning. and police say after the attack down there, the 50-year-old woman made her way to gallows road and flagged down a motorist for help. police didn't identify the victim, but a nearby pastor said a detective told him, they are looking into the possibility the victim might be a homeless woman who sometimes spends the night behind the church. >> it's obviously tragic that someone would harm someone who -- who is doing no harm in the community. >> reporter: you can imagine the impact this has had on the community. the montessori school closed
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today. maude hale spoke for the church. >> a terrible situation and we're very sad it's happened and it's happened here at the church. >> reporter: rose lives across the street. >> i am shocked. i mean, i advise everybody close your door. this avenue, three churches and it's really quiet. >> reporter: we found carol out walking her dog. she loves a couple doors away. it happened behind a church. >> well, yeah, and that's even more sad and disturbing. >> reporter: again, in this case, not one, but two suspects. live in fairfax county. pat collins, news 4. a metrobus accident in dmt c.'s eastern market neighborhood left nearly a dozen passengers with minor injuries. a car cut the bus off. so the bus driver slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the car. 11 riders taken to the hospital to be checked out afterward. none of them was seriously hurt.
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voters in montgomery county may soon be asked to reconsider ambulance fees under the plan, people would be charged hundreds of dollars for a trip to the hospital. residents voted against it back in 2010. county executive ike leggette says fees could bring millions to help upgrade emergency services. the matter has split the county. >> we have apparatuses we have not funded for four years, we don't have enough funding to repair, replace, to fix, remod. some facilities are 50 years old. >> we feel people are already paying for that service. as i said before, on top of that, we just feel it's wrong to charge people. especially as volunteers. >> reporter: the county council expected to take up the ambulance fee issue on monday. everybody wants it to be a nice day on mother's day.
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because that just seems the way it's supposed to be. doug, can you help us out? >> that is the way it's supposed to be. and i think we'll be able to help you, arch ok a-okay. wind out of northwest. 12 miles per hour. a beautiful, beautiful friday afternoon out there. and take a look at the highs. everybody into the 70s across the area. we are going to see temperatures on the rise during the day tomorrow. on sunday, a little bit of a change in the weather. how that's going to affect your mother's day. coming up in a minute. also coming up, a traffic stop takes a dangerous turn, and officers forced to scramble for their lives. a crucial decision about a man accused of randomly attacking people with a hammer in a d.c. neighborhood. somebody tried to get away with stealing $20,000 worth
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a flying shoe broke up the trial of a confessed killer in norway. there was an outburst in the trial of anders breivek. he admitted killing eight people in a bomb attack and shooting dead 69 others at a youth camp last july.
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an american service member killed in afghanistan by someone wearing an afghan national army uniform. the report comes from a local government official who said the nato service member was killed and two others were injured. u.s. military officials said the death of the serviceman was an army soldier. the taliban has claimed responsibility. 15th time this year that this has happened. two girl who's had been missing are now home safe. their mother and sister were killed in tennessee and last night, the man accused of kidnapping and murdering them killed himself. nbc's chris clackum has the report. authorities in mississippi say adam mays may had help hiding from lawmen. help that began shortly after he kidnapped joanne bain and adrian, alexandra and kyliyah.
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>> i can assure you if there is probable cause that anyone assist assisted, there will be an arrest. >> reporter: adam mayes killed himself thursday after being cornered behind this church near his home in alpine, mississippi. >> we ordered mr. mayes to drop the weapon. he raised to his knees, never brandished a gun to any of us or the children. at that time, he took his life. >> reporter: the children were rescued and spent a few hours in the hospital before being released. before his suicide, mayes was charged with killing his mother and older sister and burying the bodies by his home. his wife, teresa faces charges of murder and kidnapping. although her mother says teresa was forced to take part. >> i know she was coerced,
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manipulated and forced to do the things that she did. >> reporter: authorities still don't know what motivated mayes to do this to a family he once considered close and with him dead, may never know. chris clackum, nbc news. >> a man arrested for trying to open the cabin door on a u.s. airways flight suffers from a brain disorder that causes confusion. that's what his lawyers say. the guy's name is michael encelico. he is free on bond. he is charged with is interfering a flight crew. the flight from maine to philadelphia made an emergency landing yesterday at logan airport. passengers and the flight attendant had to subdue the man. nobody was injured. a terrible accident in suburban atlanta, bringing new light to a deadly disease. 24-year-old amy copeland cut her leg last week during a zip lining accident. she contracted a flesh eating bacteria called necrotizing
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fascitis, she was originally treated for the laceration, but doctors knew there was something else wrong when she didn't get better. bacteria spread to her hip and thigh and her left leg had to be amputated. doctors may also have to amputate her hands. they are asking friends to support her recovery. >> when she is in recovery, she will need all of the encouragement she is getting right now. she'll need it emotionally to deal with it. >> reporter: amy copylaeland is still in critical condition. flesh eating bacteria is rare but spreads rapidly and requires immediate treatment. carol shelby passed away from pneumonia yesterday in dallas. a texas native, creator of the famous shelby cobra, and helped develop the shelly gt 350 and 500 mustangs. bad motor scooters, each one of them. two years ago, he was honored at
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the washington auto show with a lifetime achievement award. shelby known for racing hot rods and for his work ethic. he grew up raising chickens on a farm, but worked his way up to an icon in the auto industry around the world. carol shelby, 89 years old. first lady michelle obama, commencement speaker at virginia tech for the class of 2012. the first lady addressed a crowd of more than 5,000 down in blacksburg. she praised the university's resilience in the face of several incidents of violence, including the 2007 massacre that left several people dead. >> i have witnessed the strength and spirit of the hokie nation. have you learned plenty of lessons here at virginia tech. in fact, i feel like all of you have so much to teach all of us. >> tomorrow, the first lady will
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speak at one of the historic black colleges, virginia a & t. >> beautiful day for those graduations. >> actually just about perfect. really was. temperatures in the low 70s, low humidity, not a cloud in the sky. today was the day you just wanted to get outdoors and enjoy it. it was aa friday. most of us had to work, at least a little bit. the good news? another day like this tomorrow and maybe a little bit warmer. out there right now, take a look, plenty of sunshine out there a few clouds, and temperatures have climbed into the 70s. 73 degrees, believe it or not. still a degree below average. today, the second day we've seen below average across our area. but just about perfect. people on my facebook and twitter pages, usually one person says i would like it less windy or warmer. today, everybody said this is about as perfect as it gets. 73 degrees. dewpoint, 34. now humidity to deal with. wind, 20 miles per hour. gusty side, but those winds
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should start to die down as we move on through the rest of the evening. 71 in martinsburg. 73 in fredericksburg. charlottesville. 76 degrees, and easton, 72. that along the eastern shore what will we be seeing? storm 4 radar, clear, and it's going to stay that way for the next 24, maybe the next 48 hours, and the wider picture, showing what's really happening, from pittsburgh to roanoke to philadelphia, clear skies all around the area, high pressure really dominating the region, and that's why we're going to see such nice conditions overnight and through the evening, great night to get out and about to enjoy dinner. plenty of sunshine, nice weather. tomorrow, we still see sunshine, but nice warm temperatures move in high temperatures, 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the day today. then we get to mother's day. i still think it will be a great mother's day. a lot more in the way of clouds. shower activity off to the west of washington. notice this around the bay. i don't think that will be of
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concern. this is 5:00, may be showers off to the west. watch out there. a very nice day for mother's day. perfect around brunch time if you are thinking about doing mother's day brunch. how about luray, 76, partly sunny skies. afternoon sprinkle, partly sunny and frederick, partly sunny, nice and warm. high of 78. analysis, temperature 79 degrees, partly sunny, feeling quite nice, and down toward the east even farther, ocean city, maryland. a lot of people going to the beach this weekend, looking good. plenty of sunshine, high temperature, cooler, high of 73. water temperature definitely cool. right now sitting at 60 degrees. this evening, clear and breezy. a great evening tonight. sunset at 8:10. 55 to 65 degrees when you step out that door. tomorrow morning it will be a chilly one. 45 to 55 degrees. may need the jacket early. by 9:00, plenty of sunshine,
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take that jacket off, and tomorrow afternoon, just great. 74 to about 80 with winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour and great weather continues on sunday. happy mother's day. high of 80 degrees, we'll see clouds on the increase on sunday, and that's going to lead to rather wet conditions possibly on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. we have a chance for the storm system to kind of come over the area and kind of sit here monday, tuesday, and wednesday. not bad. temperatures in the 70s, good news, we're 5 inches below average with rainfall. we'll get it monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> timing worked out pretty nicely. >> so far, so good. >> thank you, doug. coming up, a tribute to one of the founding families of fairfax, apparently has been wrong. for years. >> fans fill a stadium to honor the late nfl star, junior seau. and the caps have one extra fan for game seven. we'll hear from one very proud papa. coming up in our sports report.
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right now in san diego, a public memorial getti under wayo
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remember the life of junior seau. former stars are slated to speak along with former coach bobby ross. junior seau was laid to rest in a private funeral service. he died in in his home in oceanside. he shot himself in the chest. his brain is being analyzed. a teenager charged with attacking people in the petworth neighborhood is incompetent to stand trial. >> the grandmother of one of his alleged victims says he should be held accountable. derek ward reports. barbara mile says his granddaughter's vision is just returning to normal. but there are deeper scars. >> she is doing fine. taking it one day at a time.
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still scared, she doesn't want to go outside. doesn't want to be by herself no more. >> reporter: today, michael davis, the man charged and would others, including the fatal attack on tourist gary dederichs is ruled incompetent to stand trial for now. based on the deft of a clinical psychologist. some think otherwise. >> he intended to hurt people. i believe he can stand trial. if ki go out and hurt people, ki stand trial. >> in subsequent proceedings, his attorneys sought to poke holes,ing ai ing his attorneys sought to poke holes,ing ai in a his attorneys sought to poke holes,ing ai ing his attorneys sought to poke victims, or witnesses could not e evidence does warrant the case go forward. sighting similarities of attack, they also involve blunt force trauma that helped in close proximity to the petworth home
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davis shared with his gra grandmoth grandmother, and none were robbed. it would have to be a bizarre set of circumstances for the attacks to involve someone else. the judge agreed. darnl charges could follow. davis will go back to st. elizabeth for more metal treatment and due back in court for another mental evaluation in 60 days. at d.c. superior court, derek ward, news 4. jennifer hudson's former brother-in-law has been convicted of murdering her family. william balfour found guilty of killing the victim's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew and faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. lawyers will appeal. police in fairfax county are looking for the man that sexually sauled a woman, robbed her and severely beat her it happened early this morning behind an episcopal church.
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five people died of an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning last month. get a free detector at your local fire station. a huge theft ring in prince georges county. two women stole and sold $20,000 worth of high-end beauty products. ja >> reporter: this is a security photo of the alleged perfume thieves in action. the women were smooth operators, stealing high hif end product from top retailers in the blink of an eye. >> they are very charming ladies. well dressed if to the store, polite. select items and walk out. that's what they do. >> reporter: investigators say
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they had no idea of the extent of the pair's sticky fingers until they made the arrest. stolen beauty products on this table alone retail for $7,000. high-end perfumes, makeup and panties that were sold right out of back of the pair's car. in all, police con physician ska confiscated $20,000 worth of product. >> they would steal all week, make up in to go to miami on the weekend, stay the whole weekend, run out of money, come back and resume business. >> reporter: police say the pair not only stole beauty products, but fr in fairfield point, but other malls as well. police hope surveillance video will help catch two men that held up a 7-eleven in silver spring. two masked men went into the
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store, pointing guns at the employees, and demanding that they empty the cash registers. the store clerks were not injured. anyone with information is asked to call the montgomery county police. a jury in baltimore acquitted julius henson for writing robocall messages telling democratic voters to stay home. today, henson said he was elated that the jury did not believe he was trying to keep black voters away, as prosecutors charged. he was working for robert ehrlich's republican campaign when more than 100,000 calls went out to people in prince georges county in baltimore. henson was found guilty of a lesser charge of distributing campaign material without legal permission. >> there is a name controversy in northern virginia. descendents of one of the founding families in fairfax
6:32 pm
want the city to make a change in getting their name spelled right. >> reporter: these residents have lived on sager avenue for decades, but their street sign may be on the wrongside of history. >> i think it's pretty hilarious. >> street signs are all spelled the same way. >> s-a-g-e-r. >> reporter: fairfax officials may need to make a spell-check it comes down to one letter. that "e." >> my name is williaming sag a s-a-g-a-r. >> reporter: hrelatives are william and anna sagar and built at flint hills cemetery. notice the spelling on their gravestone, s-a-g-a-r. no "e." but the sagar name not only that way in stone, in black and white in this 1891 document from the virginia general assembly, and in the 1870s, a.j.sagar was
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appointed a judge. the descendant wants the city to change the sign. fairfax museum is in the original fairfax elementary school house that was donated by the sagar family. but the museum spells sager like the signs, s-a-g-e-r. even maps spell it with an "e," but determining the proper spelling may be difficult. way back centuries ago, while the record keepers may have been good, they weren't always the best spellers. >> the lack of consistent written records and you go on phonet uk spellings, how you hear it and write it down, i can see where it would happen. >> reporter: the subcommittcity decided what the proper spelling yet. some are taking the name dispute in stride. >> i'll just change my address labels. >> reporter: on sager avenue in
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fairfax, richard jordan, news 4. open graves expose bones. a list of problems at some cemeteries and neighbors taking matters into their own hands. not everyone excited about a new tower built for the olympic games in london. looking very good out there. it will last through most of the weekend. most.
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some people in jacksonville, florida, want to know why so many cemeteries in that city are in disrepair. as many as 15 0 cemeteries have open graves. visible human remains, and caskets that are destroyed. a problem that neighbors say has
6:37 pm
develop on for decades. a trust fund set up back in 1994 to clean up the sem ears, but people say the conditions have not improved. a group of neighbors are now spending their mondays, driving around, documenting problems and plan to take their findings to the city government. new video just released. of a traffic stop that captured a harrowing moment for police officers in florida. it happened on wednesday in ft. meyers. the driver refused to get out of the car. and that driver then took off with one of the officers in tow. it continued for a block, finally end the with the officer jumped into the car, grabbed the steering wheel and stopped it. both got away without injury. the officer charged with resisting arrest. a new tower built for the olympic games in london is complete. here it is. the orbit tower, stands 377 feet tall and surrounded by twisted red steel. once inside, visitors get a
6:38 pm
stunning panoramic view of the city. fans say it's a significant landmark that rivals the eiffel tower. critic says it looks like a roller coaster gone bad. only those with ticket to the olympic games can go in. it will be open to the public next year. catch all of the action for the olympics right here, starting on july 27th. >> that thing is down right ugly. >> kind of odd looking. >> not attractive. just one man's opinion. caps ready for game seven and beyond, don't you know? and the pirates are sunk. sports, coming up.
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welcome back. a beautiful afternoon. the this friday couldn't have been better weatherwise. plenty of sunshine. winds out of the northwest. and gusty wind. upward of 20 to 25 miles an hour. that's not stopping temperatures from getting to the 70s today. 70 in rockville. fairfax county, 71. and reston and herndon.
6:42 pm
and right now, camp springs and over there toward that part of the area, 71 degrees. and honey town at 71 degrees too. a very nice evening. storm 4 radar, nothing to show you. no rain at all across the eastern two-third of the nation, until you get way down to the south. not around here. tomorrow morning, a little on the chilly side. maybe 30s toward winchester. it will start off cool, and then we'll warm up very, very nicely and this weekend, really looking great. especially on saturday. really no matter where are you, d.c., virginia, maryland, west virginia, all looking very nice. saturday, everybody will see plenty of sunshine. high of 79. mostly sunny and just great. wind out of west at 5 to 10. sunday, a temperature of 80 degrees. nice and warm. only chance of showers out toward the mountains, and i'm talking about west virginia
6:43 pm
mountains, not virginia or maryland mountains, looking good across the area. d.c. -- bike d.c. coming in. a great day for that. doreen was almost going to do that, but she has to get up at 7:00 a.m., so decided not to do that. a great day for that. d.c. 101 chili cookoff and this is the british embassy. the european union will open its doors, all 27 embassies will open doors to anybody who wants to come in, from 10:00 to 4:00. this the british embassy and an absolute beauty. it was spectacular there today. and we talked to the british ambassador about why you might want to come out there tomorrow. >> we got one of the prime embassy sites in washington. we think it's probably the finest in houses and gardens, but we're biased. we'll have face painting, fun games, mini golf, we'll have lots of different aspects of british culture, and fun for the
6:44 pm
thousands of people who are likely to come, if past year is anything to go by. >> last year, they had 10,000 people. i'll be in london for a couple of weeks. i said can you hook me up with the queen? he said no. >> yeah. forget about it. >> nice try. >> thanks anyhow. >> a guy has to try. okay. am i doing sports now? is this it right now? >> yeah. >> it's not a tease. it's real, right? here is the deal, my son texted me a couple days ago, couple nights ago, and he said you know i have never been a hockey fan. i am watching more hockey in the last couple of weeks than i have in my life. how could he not? this stuff has been off the hook now down to what they are play for. caps and rangers, the right to face the new jersey devils and rip up on them for a while. after that stanley cup finals. and on the radio today, caps
6:45 pm
forward mike kanubl has packed his rolling bag, the one he packs when he plans to spend a little more time. new jersey, very lovely this time of the year. >> it's a big game. no hiding from that fact, but i think when you feel confident, confidence in the room and you can sense it from guys you feel great about going out there, and if you feel that you're climbing up a huge hill, and it's going to be tough to get up there, you don't feel that way, but when you have confidence in the room, the game is winnable, you decide to get out there. >> are you going to see a good game. fresh legs, and an added offday, escape too. both teams are going to come out, play hard, and some more energy, and they have six games they have been battling and two days off. >> he is really cool. and if the pressure wasn't enough for a 22-year-old
6:46 pm
goaltender, braden holtby is a father. his fiancee gave birth to benjamin hunter holtby. the fourth caps player to have a child. in matt hendricks' case, twins born during the season and questions flowing all over the place about the newest edition. >> it's a great day. circumstances are different. but still the same game. still hockey. and the main thing you learn when you come in is to separate personal life from hockey. >> i had a kid, played my best kid after i had my kid. i think it relaxes him even more, it's one of those things that puts a whole lot of things in prospective and hockey is not the be all, end all. >> in the early days, we talked to him, he's fine. pumped up, you know, it's a special time for him. but now it's game seven.
6:47 pm
so he gets some pretty good special days involved here. and he will be fine. he's ready to go. >> you know, those guys get jacked up or excited about anything? they are the coolest, most laid back guys about anything. >> didn't even crack a smile. >> what's up with that? >> having a baby, everything is great. >> whatever he is doing, seems to be working. we don't want to mess with that. >> good karma working. baseball. nationals, cincinnati, feeling a bit of relief after a couple of hiccups in the first two games in pittsburgh. nats turn to steven strasbourg last night. he was awesome. knocked them down. i'm not talking about hitting either. i am talking about striking those suckers out. remember the 14-strikeout performance in the major league debut against the very same team? they never want to see that dude again. strasbourg improving to 3-0 on the season. bottom first. check him out.
6:48 pm
andrew mccutchen, sit down. you don't have nothing for me. he proceeds to strike out the next six. embarrassed those dudes. mowed them down seven in a row. struck out 13 in a game. gave up 2 runs, just one earned. six innings of work. also generated some offense. top of the sixth. adam laroche. one on. good-bye. out of here, center field. sixth home run of the season. put the nats up 3-2. go up to win 4-2. skipper davey johnson. >> all the guys have been pitching good. the problem is, offense, haven't been given any leeway. score three runs, four runs, that seems to be the max and makes it tough on starters and the bull pen. but, you know, i think better things are coming. i think that it went well, and i would probably hit that out a few times.
6:49 pm
>> maybe it's a d.c. thing, because davey is awfully laid back too. he has that little wry smile, like he has a lot to tell you. jill gonzalez, we're talking about golf. he's on the hill for the nationals tonight in their series opener in cincinnati. now we're talking golf. tiger woods is not what he used to be. stop the presses. in fact, going in to today's second round, tiger wood in jeopardy of missing back-to-back cuts for the first time in his professional career. we wonder if he will ever come back. after a less than stellar two over 74 on thursday's round, he did do better. second round in the player's championship. down in point e verde. rook at that. come on now. keep your eye on it. wait for it, wait for it.
6:50 pm
eagle for clark. currently 4 under par. tiger woods in danger of missing the cup. we pick them up on eight. ten-foot birdie. drains it, wait for it again. there it goes. first of four straight birdies for tiger. he still got it. right now, tiger at two under. projected cut even par, right now there, is a three-way tie. atop the leader board at eight under, and tiger is still hanging in there. and we are hoping that dan will come back as soon as he possibly can. this is fun. this is hard work. >> he needed a day off with the caps' playoff action. >> so do i. that's just it. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels
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so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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he caught a wave and is setting on top of the world record. 78-foot wave off the coast of portugal. can you imagine? mcnamara beat the old record by more than a foot. mcnamara almost didn't go out that day, after getting beaten up on the waves the day before he thanked his friends. mcnamara off the coast of nazar pa
6:54 pm
port gull. an underwater canon creates some of the biggest waves on the planet. frightening looking, isn't it? >> i would do a lot of things, wouldn't do that. coming up at 11:00, forget mother's day weekend. one mom throws her own daughter in jail for taking the family car out for a joyride. also, a vicious beating over a beer can. that happened in the corridor in the middle of the afternoon. and we'll take you inside the big fund-raiser last night. the one at george clooney's house. final check. >> final check. looking good again for the weekend. no matter what you are going to be doing out this there this weekend, a great one. tomorrow, the better of the two days, even though sunday, of course, is mother's day, but sunday, we'll have more cloud cover. 79 tomorrow. 80 sunday. more clouds for the afternoon. monday and tuesday, a good chance for rain. and we need to see more rain and it may stick around. this little storm may stick around monday, tuesday, and wednesday. but temperatures remain above
6:55 pm
70-degree mark. >> my youngest kid is 36 years old. my oldest is 50, and what a breeze it was raising them and the one in between. nobody is more shocked to hear those words out of my mouth than i am, considering what we went through, i thought parenting those kids was the hardest work anyone could ever do in their life. i changed my mind. considering what parents today have to deal with, my task was a chip shot. here issi say that. the child of a friend of mine has been savaged. been made fearful and more importantly, been caused to question her own worth. nobody has touched that girl physically, but some little punks have waged a search and destroy mission on her through social media. now, she's going to be already. she's a good kid and has her mother's strength. but somewhere out there, some
6:56 pm
kid doesn't have his parents' responsibility for oversight. that's what i'm assuming. that some parent somewhere doesn't know the damage his kid just did to another human being, and hopefully that parent and every other parent will assume that responsibility. this is why i'm so glad my kids are grown. because whatever it is i had to do when they were youngsters, i did not have to do more about the social network than mark zuckerberg does just to keep up with and stay one step ahead of my kid. i can hear the objections to some kid now, probably some of their parents too, about their right to privacy and all that here is what has changed over the years. no child has a right to privacy. in fact, they have no rights at all. other than those the parent gives them. a child doesn't have his room. he has the space in your house you allow him to occupy. don't belonging your door either. you look your door, i take it off the hinges. i had look in every drawer, every closet, every shoe box
6:57 pm
under the bed and claim access to every electronic device you have. i had know account, everybody you communicate, with everybody who tries to communicate with you, what you say, what they say, and i will have every password to everything you think you own. what an awesome task that is. and what an often dereliction of duty it is not to master that. one thing, though that is not changed over the years. it will be done, with love. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. e[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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